Saturday, May 19, 2012


The 2012 Motor City Comic Con @ Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI on May 18, 2012

I love going to comic book conventions. I enjoy digging through boxes of “sand” and finding a few nuggets of gold. I found two of the nine books on my list at half price. I love going through those remainder/ excess inventory/ half off trades/hardcover boxes. Marvel must have way overprinted a lot of their books from 2004-2007, as they seem to clog these boxes. 

This convention (which will be referred to as a con from here on out) is similar to others around the world. Tables and tables of comic books, toys, and related memorabilia. Comic book creators, an artist's gallery for indie creators, and media guests. I always stroll by but never stop and pay for autographs or pictures. It's not my bag, but it is obviously many people's, so it's cool. I saw Twiggy/ Cousin It, Erin Grey from Buck Rogers (and she is still very easy on the eyes), Peter Tork, Batgirl, and a few others, all for free and from a distance. Yes, I am a cheap sonofabitch. 

The thing that makes these cons so much fun is the people watching. While you have your assortment of Star Wars costume clad guys, it is always the girls that catch my attention for obvious reasons. The thing that always strikes me as odd is that, in my experience back when I was a single nerd, girls didn't read comic books, let alone hot girls. 
Wonder Woman is always a popular costume choice. She was easily the best looking one there.

Not all cosplayers are willing to pose for pictures. I wonder if they would've posed if I told them I was the "Omnibus lays flat" video guy? Yeah, probably not.

Iron Man and Captain America, female style.

Catwoman is probably the most popular costume choice at these cons.
The cosplayers are a subculture unto themselves, and they make these cons a blast. These costumes are almost always custom made, and the fact that people take the time, love, and effort to make these is commendable. I won't lie to you, though; I just like seeing hot chicks in skimpy outfits. My wife refuses to dress up and go to these things. Spending all day at a comic convention in a Catwoman outfit sounds about as fun as a root canal to her.

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  1. I had a great time as usual, but, the stock of hardcovers was a let down compared to previous con's.