Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reviews: Age of Bronze Vol. 3A: Betrayal; Project Superpowers Chapter Two Vol. 2

AGE OF BRONZE VOL. 3A: BETRAYAL PART ONE (Image, 2008; softcover)
Collects Age of Bronze Nos. 20-26 (cover dates June, 2005- September, 2007)
While Age of Bronze is exquisitely drawn and written, this will be my last stop into this world. Limited discretionary income, limited SPACE to store all of these comics, and limited time have recently forced me to make some hard choices. I am dropping a lot of things, and unfortunately Age of Bronze didn't make the cut. I do have one gripe about this book on the writing side. Whenever they refer to someone, it's not just by name, it's "John Doe, son of John Doe Sr." or whatever. I am sure that it is historically accurate, but it gets tiring after 160 or so pages. On the OCD side of things, it totally sucks that they do not include the covers in these books as chapter markers, or even as a cover gallery in the back.
PROJECT SUPERPOWERS: CHAPTER TWO VOL. 2 (Dynamite, 2010; softcover)
Collects Project Superpowers: Chapter Two Nos. 7-12 (cover dates February- September, 2010)
As enjoyable as this story was, and as much as I've enjoyed this line, I am done with it. Financial, space, and time constraints are all factors. That, and things had to build up for 8 trades (line wide) to get to this point in the story, which is a sizable investment of time and money. I am really trying to get back to basics with my collecting habits.

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