Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Megamind

I finally took my hatchling to see this, after months of him begging me to do so. It's been at the dollar show (second run theatre) for a while, and there wasn't much else for us to do today. With the weather being cold and crappy, with melting snow and slush everywhere, it wasn't conducive to outside play anyways. I can't wait for Spring! 
I think that much of the story went over my 4 year old's head, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is pretty clever, and I can appreciate the nature vs. nurture argument. Like all modern animated CGI flicks, it's flawless and seamless and slick. I still like old-tyme-y animation better, but there is no denying that this stuff is amazing. It's kind of funny how these studios spend all of this money on celebrities to do the voices for these movies. I didn't even notice who did what voice until the credits rolled at the end. My reaction was "Oh wow, that was him? I didn't realize that Will Ferrell was in this movie." The only animated movie where celebrities voices really brought the characters to 'life' were Shrek (in my opinion). 

For reasons I don't understand, I only review movies that I see at the movie theatre. If I see it on DVD or cable, nope. With albums, I only review a new release. I buy many older back catalog titles from various bands, but unless it's a new release, I never review it. I review collected editions of comic books, regardless of when they were released. I don't always review every floppy that I read. The whys and wherefores of these practices elude me. If you can make any sense of any of this, let me know.

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