Tuesday, April 23, 2019


PLANET OF THE APES: WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (Boom, First Printing, 2019; Softcover)

Collects Planet of the Apes: The Time Of Man #1 and Planet of the Apes: The Simian Age #1 (cover dates October- December, 2018)

Writers: Jeff Jensen, David F. Walker, Ryan Ferrier, Dan Abnett, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, and Matt Kindt

Artists: Jared Cullum, George Schall, Lalit Kumar Sharma, Carlos Magno, Morgan Beem, and Matt Smith

Colorists: Jared Cullum, George Schall, Gabriel Cassata, Gabriel Cassata, Morgan Beem, and Joana Lafuente

This book compiles two giant-sized one-shots which were both anthologies of various points in Apes history. One was set in the original quadrilogy (sic?) continuity, the other in the more recent trilogy continuity. It's a fairly mediocre bunch of stories, perhaps the laziest Apes offering that Boom has done yet. It's like they are trying to kill the brand with these uninspired rehashes. The only ones that seemed worthwhile were the nod to the original Marvel black and white Apes magazines storyline Terror On The Planet Of The Apes and the Cloud And Rain story which showed Koba's subversion in action.

The OCD zone- This is the part where I go into tactile sensations and materials used in physical media. Those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or women who are pregnant should exit my blog at their earliest convenience, as their safety cannot be guaranteed beyond this point.

Paper stock: Thick glossy coated stock.

Binding: Sewn binding.

Dustjacket and Hardback Cardstock cover notes: Thick cardstock with a matte finish.

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