Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review- Duende!/ Mezcal

Duende!/ Mezcal (Bellyache Records, 2014)

I have had this for a minute but putzed around writing my review of it. Sorry but I get lazy sometimes. This seven song EP is pretty close to longplayer length in my book, but that would be for the discogs of the world to decide.

These guys move around a bit much for a square like me to follow. I can grasp the boozy tunes like One More Time and Mezcal easily enough. Devil Do is Hallowe'en music. I love the macabre aspect, as it reminds of me early '60s Hallowe'en decorations. Without divulging the secret location of their headquarters, I will say that the sound of this song reminds me of the neighbors in the house next door to Duende HQ around Hallowe'en time. This song sounds like whiskey soaked desert Rock, if that makes any sense. Like you stumble into a saloon in a ghost town on Hallowe'en and the band is playing, only later you find out that everyone in the town died a long time ago. Burn This Town is kind of long for my tastes, but your mileage vary. Mezcal is good stuff that would undoubtedly be fun live. I am going to have pack up the missus and head on out sooner than later.
Junk Food For Thought rating: 3.75 out of 5.

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