Sunday, May 27, 2012


LEGION OF MONSTERS (Marvel, 2012; Softcover)

Collects Legion of Monsters Nos. 1-4 (cover dates December, 2011- March, 2012)

Writer: Dennis Hopeless

Artist: Juan Doe

Woe is me. My beloved Bronze Age monsters, Morbius The Living Vampire, The Living Mummy, Werewolf By Night, the Manphibian, and the Son of Satan, all relegated to a Monster Squad ('70s TV series) level of parody. I guess that I should be glad just to see C-and-D-list characters like this used period. I would love to see a non-ironic take on these characters, that's all. 

I dislike all cute-sy artwork, as it is lame. I dislike it even more when it is used in conjunction with monsters. It's the worst mix since ironic mustaches met Rock. I've come to the conclusion that if this is what modern comic book fans actually, really want, then I am an old fogy who has no place in the modern comic book world. I'll take my artwork with photo realism and my writing without snark and self deprecation.

The OCD zone- Typical laminated cardstock cover, coupled with some nice, heavy duty coated stock paper. The printer must have been out of Marvel's typical trade paperback grade, because this is definitely a heavier stock.

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