Thursday, December 4, 2014


THARG'S CREEPY CHRONICLES (2000 AD, First US Printing, 2012; Softcover)

Collects selections from 2000 A.D. #706-711, 1170, 1191, 1209,1273-1278, 1296, 1343, 1645, 1674, Prog 2002, and Judge Dredd Annual 1981 (cover dates 1980- March 3, 2010)

Writers: Mark Millar, Gordon Rennie, Kevin O'Neill, Ian Rogen, Steve Moore, Al Ewing, Chris Blythe, Chris Weston, and Arthur Wyatt

Artists: Dave D'Antiquis, Frazier Irving, Kevin O'Neill, Mark Simpson, Greg Staples, Dom Reardon, Cam Kennedy, Chris Weston, and Edmund Bagwell

Colorists: some stories are black and white; Frazier Irving, Mark Simpson, Greg Staples, Chris Blythe, Chris Weston, and Edmund Bagwell

This is an assortment of Horror stories from the British anthology series 2000 A.D. It is Terror Tales: Counts As One Choice ( from #1645) by the incredible Chris Weston which steals the show. It is a story of a guy who subscribes to one of them book clubs to get two Judge Dredd Restricted Case Files books for the price of one and it ends up costing him far, far more than he anticipated. Great stuff there. This was an enjoyable if uneven read.
Junk Food For Thought rating: 3.75 out of 5.

The OCD zone- These Rebellion/ 2000 AD books are wider than standard US trades.

Paper stock: Thick glossy coated stock.

Binding: Sewn binding.

Cardstock cover notes: Dull matte chalky feeling coating.


  1. This looked familiar, so I checked my database, and yes, I did read it about a year-and-a-half ago. I gave it two stars out of ten, so I must have purged the actual reading of the book from my memory.

    1. I dumped it on eBay a few weeks ago, to be honest with you. I have so many books that I am not keeping stuff that doesn't either A) wow me or B) complete a run. I haven't even read everything that I own once, let alone worry about wanting to reread something like this. It will never happen in my lifetime, so off to eBay it went.

  2. Yeah, I need to start dumping some of my old stuff...I need the space and the money, but I hate the hassle of selling on e-bay......

    1. I have dumped quite a few this year. eBay is filled with assholes and scam artists but there are a number of serious collectors who are a pleasure to deal with. I had one clown who was claiming that I never sent his book even though the tracking number showed that it was delivered. Have fun...