Saturday, November 1, 2014


GUTWRENCHER (IDW, 2011; Softcover)

Collects Gutwrencher #1-3 (cover dates February- May, 2008)

Writers: Shannon Eric Denton, Steve Niles, and Keith Giffen

Artist: Anthony Hightower

Colorist: Carlos Badilla

This is a mildly enjoyable story about some dweeb who got bullied in high school and decides to get revenge on his class during their class reunion. I liked it better the first time that I saw it, back when it was called Slaughter High (or maybe even Prom Night). There is nothing new under the sun, only fresh spins. This isn't bad but it isn't great, either.
Junk Food For Thought rating: 3 out of 5.

The OCD zone- The covers are collected in the rear of the books. There are no chapter break pages, so this whole thing runs together as one big story. This might fool the rubes into thinking that it is a “graphic novel” but it is annoying to those of us who buy these books all the time.

DVD-style Extras included in this book: Pin-ups by various artists. (31 pages)

Paper stock: Thick uncoated stock with no sheen. The colors look severely muted, coming off as washed out. Comics using modern computer coloring techniques need a glossier stock to make the colors pop.

Binding: Perfect bound trade paperback. The glue seems a little creaky.

Cardstock cover notes: Dull matte coating. Seems somewhat scuff resistant. 

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