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(Marvel, 2012; Hardcover)
Collects Iron Fist Nos. 3-15 and Marvel Team-Up Nos. 63, 64 (cover dates February, 1976- December, 1977)
Writer: Chris Claremont
Artists: John Byrne with Inking by Frank Chiaramonte, Dan Adkins, Dan Green, and Dave Hunt

The Bronze Age is not looked back on fondly by many comic fans when compared to the Silver Age or even the Golden Age. While it is true that there was some subpar material churned out there was also some exceptionally good stuff, such as Iron Fist.

I love how Iron Fist gets his ass handed to him by the Wrecking Crew in #11. Sabretooth is introduced in #14, and I much prefer the earlier version of the character to the omnipotent immortal that came to be. Marvel has crapped up so many of their characters over the years, becoming as bad as DC in that regard. Back in the halcyon days that these comics were originally published in their continuity was as tight as a drum.

I also love how Claremont and Byrne introduce diversity to comics without pandering or the ridiculous hype that seems to surround such acts these days. Misty Knight was a strong black female character who was a love interest of Daniel Rand, a.k.a. Iron First. Talk about bold for this era! That is how I like my progress and diversity in comics- done for the sake of the story, not for the sake of a 140 character soundbite. Misty Knight was a good character who happened to be a black female. Now the quota PC diversity squad goes out of their way to insert every ethnicity and sexual orientation into the mix first with characterization second. This is why everything comes off as lame and laughable in modern comics, and why I buy next to nothing that Marvel offers today.
 This stuff is so good. Chris Claremont and John Byrne are the team supreme. Like Lennon and McCartney or Simon and Garfunkel, everyone wishes that there were more work from them. It's something that I will spend the rest of my days pining away for, since their “reunion” on JLA a decade ago didn't exactly work out. We'll likely never see them collaborate again. Comic books like this makes me realize how much I miss Marvel. Most modern Marvel Comics suck balls. Make mine Marvel THEN!
Junk Food For Thought rating: 4.75 out of 5.

The OCD zone- Marvel Masterworks are my poison of choice. For Masterworks of this book's vintage, rest assured that this is the definitive Blu-Ray edition of this material.
DVD-style Extras included in this book: Introduction by Bruce Canwell. (4 pages)
Iron Fist #10, page 11 original art. (1 page)
Iron Fist #13, page 15 original art. (1 page)
Iron Fist #15, page 11 original art. (1 page)
Iron Fist #15, page 14 original art. (1 page)
Marvel Team-Up #64, page 13 original art. (1 page)
Linework and Color restoration rating: Think of the post-2007 Masterworks as definitive Blu-Ray editions, with painstakingly restored linework and a color palette that is 100% faithful to the source material.
Paper rating: 5 out of 5. Thick coated semi-glossy stock that has that sweet, sweet smell that all Chinese manufactured books have. I theorize that this delectable aroma is caused by the toxic stew of broken asbestos tiles, lead paint chips, heavy metal industrial waste, and mercury from recalled thermometers combined with the blood, sweat, and tears of the Chinese children working the sweatshop printing presses. The frosting on this delicious cake scent is the paper which is likely sourced from virgin Amazon rainforests.
Binding rating: 5 out of 5. Rounded book casing and Smyth sewn binding (six stitches per signature) allow this book to lay completely flat in one hand as Godzilla intended. 

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