Friday, July 20, 2012


URBAN LEGENDS (AAM/ Markosia, 2012; Softcover)
Original Graphic Novel
Writer: Steven Stone
Artists: Money Borror, Valia Kapadai, Sijo Art Lapham, Paul McLaren, Andrew Richmond, Robyn Seale, Roy Huteson Stewart, and Nic Wilkinson.
Urban legends are a cultural tradition, and are often fun ways that we scare ourselves. Our fascination with bogeymen can be seen in movies such as the Friday the 13th franchise, among many others. This book explores several urban legends, and occasionally tweaks or updates them to mixed results. The artwork is also a mixed bag, ranging from suitable for the material to styles that leave me cold. All art is subjective, and that is just my impression of the art in this book. People that actually know stuff about art might disagree. This was an enjoyable enough book that is worth a read.
The OCD zone- This book has a nice, thick, coated stock paper. The ink is printed so thick on the page that it almost feels like silk screen, as it is raised ever so slightly. You can actually feel depth if you run your finger across the page. While tactile sensations are meaningless to the iPad and Kindle generation, I am a print dinosaur. Give me bleached wood fibrous carrying units or give me death!

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