Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review- LUCAS

LUCAS (Arcana, 2011; Softcover)
Note: Actually released in 2012
Original graphic novel.
Writer and Artist: David Murdoch
I was disappointed when I first flipped through this book. You see, it is by definition a graphic novel per solicit copy, but it is a novel with graphics rather than the “sequential narrative graphic panel artform”, known to the unwashed masses as a comic book. Once I got past this disappointment (I pre-ordered it and was therefore obligated to purchase it), I sunk into this book like meat hooks into a corpse.
David Murdoch's script is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre premise set on it's head. You are treated to creepy crawly things and plenty of violence over the course of 88 pages. There are times when the story seems like a thinly veiled movie script pitch with painted artwork, and others where it seems to work as a graphic novel. Lucas has a few genuinely disgusting/creepy moments in it. The more open minded fans of a series like Crossed might want to give this book a shot.
The OCD zone- This book has exceptionally thick coated stock paper which is pleasing to the touch. It is interesting how things are printed so thick that you can, at times, feel the words on top of the page. I felt like Matt Murdoch. The most unique thing about this printing process is that some of the paint splotches actually feel like a real painting, being raised above the page. Very strange but very, very cool.

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