Monday, May 28, 2012

Review- Midnight Sons Unlimited Nos. 1-4 and Morbius: The Living Vampire Nos. 16-19

Midnight Sons Unlimited Nos. 1-4 and Morbius: The Living Vampire Nos. 16-19 (Marvel, cover dates April, 1993- March, 1994)

In order to save the now unemployed writers and artists some embarrassment, I will not list the writing and art credits.

My God, the '90s sucked for most Marvel Comics! I am thankful that I got all of these on frequent buyer rewards store credit and did not actually pay for any of them. I feel truly sorry for anybody that grew up on that decade's comics. I can see why people 10 or more years my junior think that modern comic book writers are so great, though. If you compare today's decompressed wunderkind writers to this stuff, it is superb. Cripes, I'll even go on record and say that Brian Michael Bendis is a top notch writer...when compared to this crap. Again, if a kid grew up on this and never read any Silver Age material, then I can see why Bendis is their lord and saviour. 

Comic books of the '90s feature some of the worst artwork known to man. That yellow stuff dominating that panel is supposed to be hair.

Everything about these comic books is laughable, from the concepts to the writing to the artwork to the overall execution. The fact that these issues form giant, 17 part crossovers with other titles which require you to buy all of these extra issues also sucks. I am so glad that I sat this decade out. The only issue that didn't make me laugh and shake my head in disgust as I read it was issue 19. That one ascended to mediocrity.

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