Friday, February 17, 2012

Review- The Nightmare Factory Vol. 2

THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY VOL. 2 (Fox Atomic/ Harper Collins, 2008; Softcover)

Original Graphic Novel

Writers: Thomas Ligotti, with adaptations by Joe Harris and Stuart Moore

Artists: Vasillis Lolos, Bill Sienkiewicz, Tony Cypress, and Nick Stakal

I think that this series of graphic novels might have done better if they went the floppy (single issue) route first and then collected them in trade paperbacks. Most folks won't buy books blind ( even though I do it all of the time), especially with untested material from a writer they have never heard of. It's a shame that these two graphic novels sank like a stone, with hardly any notice in comic book circles. I didn't even notice them when they came out. I stumbled across them in discount bins.

Bill Sienkiewicz artwork from The Clown Puppet.

These stories are excellent, and every bit as enjoyable as the ones in Volume One. I love the psychological Horror aspect of this book. When something is as visceral as, say, Crossed, it is just graphic. That's not true Horror, in my opinion. While I enjoy Crossed immensely, it doesn't really make me think like these stories do. The human mind is far more terrifying than anything under the sun, and when a writer is able to bore into your brain, then you end up with something special like The Nightmare Factory.

The OCD zone- The cover of this one also feels unpleasant to the touch, but not anywhere near as bad as Volume One. The paper is the same super thick, high quality coated stock.

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