Friday, January 20, 2012

Reviews- Whiteout Vol. 2: Melt; Iron Siege

Collects Whiteout: Melt Nos. 1-4 (cover dates September, 1999- February, 2000)
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Steve Lieber
This is an extremely satisfying follow up to the original Whiteout mini-series. While not as intense as the original, this still has plenty of suspenseful, page-turner elements and bang for the buck. I cannot recommend these two Whiteout books enough. Rucka's writing and Lieber's artwork are perfect. These seem pretty timely, too, since I can look out the window and see plenty of white stuff. While not arctic cold, it's cold enough where you wouldn't want to be outside for very long, either. My dislike of Winter really helps with the psychological aspect of this book. 
IRON SIEGE(IDW, 2011; Softcover)
Collects Iron Siege Nos. 1-3 (cover dates December, 2010- April, 2011)
Writer: Trevor Goring
Artist: Grant Goleash
The gist: The story takes place during World War II, and deals with some kind of chemical/ black magic/ monster/werewolf thing. This is an empty calorie read. I blew through this book in no time flat, and once I finished it, I knew that I would never have want to read it again.
The OCD zone- I remember when the floppies of this series were originally solicited, IDW boasted how this was being published in Golden Age comic book size. I'm not sure why that matters. Sure, this takes place in the '40s, the “Golden Age of comics”, but it has nothing else in common with that era, either in tone or presentation. Likewise, this trade paperback is published in Golden Age comic book size, making it a bit wider than normal trade paperbacks. So what you get is a mediocre read that will look out of place on your bookshelf because it will stick out farther than the rest of your softcovers. It's a real win-win!

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  1. Five degrees (per Weatherbug at 6am this morning) qualifies for "Arctic cold" to me. Maybe it's because you're off (your rocker) work. I wish I would have taken White Out when I was over. Because I simply don't have anything to read. :/