Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reviews: Rat Catcher; Leviathan

RAT CATCHER(Vertigo/ DC, 2010; Hardcover)
Orignal Graphic Novel
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Victor Ibanez
This is a book from the now defunct Vertigo Crime imprint. It's a shame that the line is kaput, because this is the best of those books that I've read. While somewhat predictable, the execution is great and I really enjoyed reading this. The artwork is also nice, and the black and white aspect doesn't hurt this series as it has others in this line. It's too bad that these books didn't catch on with comics fans, as I enjoyed all three of them from this line that I've read. 
LEVIATHAN(Rebellion/2000 AD, 2010 printing- actually released in 2011; Softcover)
Collects selections from 2000 AD Nos. 1351-1360, 1465, 1466, Prog 2005 (cover dates July 30, 2003- November 23, 2005).
Writer: Ian Edginton
Artist: D'Israeli
The gist- What if the Titanic were bigger, grander, and were lost at sea rather than sunk by an iceberg? What would the thousands of people on a ship that is basically a city on the water resort to once that realization set in? These are the questions Leviathan poses. The concept is great, and they really could have done so much more with it. It's a solid read, but nothing exceptional. 
The OCD zone- The British certainly know how to make books, as all of their softcovers as well as hardcovers have sewn binding. Quality obviously means something to them, unlike some American comic book companies. *coughDCcough*. 

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