Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: Hulk- World War Hulk: The Incredible Hercules

Collects Incredible Hulk Nos. 106-111 (cover dates July- December, 2007)
Writer: Greg Pak
Artists: Gary Frank, Leonard Kirk, Scott Hanna and others.
I enjoyed my recent re-reading the issues in the Hercules: Prince of Power hardcover so much that I decided to dip my toe into more recent Herc stories. I borrowed this from my friend and co-conspirator Ferjo Byroy. This was a great read as a 'rental'. I simply do not have enough money, time or space for all of this stuff.
This series is old news for everyone else out there, but as I state over and over, there are not enough hours in the day for me to keep current on my reading. Greg Pak is as solid a writer as any working in comics today. I enjoyed the interplay between Hercules, Amadeus Cho, Namora, and the Angel. I am way lapsed in my Hulk reading, having read only the first Omnibus (equivalent to the first three Masterworks) and a handful of other issues, yet I was able to clearly follow everything that was going on in the title. Pak writes in such a way that I didn't have to read the 10+ trade paperbacks that came out before this in order to get the gist of the story.
The artwork is done by several teams, and it's all decent. Not decent enough for me to pull out my phone and snap pictures to post here like I usually do, but serviceable and clearly laid out. I enjoyed this enough to borrow the rest from Ferjo, but not enough to buy and store these issues.
The OCD zone- Standard fare Marvel trade paperback. Decent paper, glued binding, wax-coated cardstock cover.

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