Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Midnight Mortuary #1

MIDNIGHT MORTUARY #1 (Transfuzion, cover date October, 2008; Softcover)
This is an homage to the black and white Horror magazines of the 1970s, both in tone and format. It's actually a bit larger than those magazines, and is closer to a prestige format or graphic novel than a magazine, since it is perfect bound. The stories are all pretty good reads, except for the Ed Wood homage, which was a clunker. Everything else was fine, though, and the artwork is solid throughout. My only complaint is the price, which is MSRP $12.95 for a 64 page book. While I understand that independent publishers like Transfuzion do not have the economy of scale that, say, DC might have, this seemed a bit pricey. According to the book, the creator lives right here in Michigan, which is cool because there is an article about Sir Graves Ghastly in the book. I remember him too, and he used to show the monster drawings that kids sent in. I remember making one for him and sending it in (around age 4 or 5) and they showed it on TV. That made my day way back when.

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