Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reviews: Thor and the Warriors Four; The Zombie Survival Guide- Recorded Attacks; Green Lantern movie

THOR AND THE WARRIORS FOUR (Marvel, 2010; softcover)
Collects Thor and the Warriors Four Nos. 1-4 (cover dates June- September, 2010)
This was every bit as enjoyable as any of the Power Pack 'Team-Up' mini-series that we have gotten in recent years. GuriHiru's artwork is improving, with less Manga influence and more of a 'cartoon'y' type appearance. The story is fun for all ages, and the back-up story in each issue with Hercules is every bit as good. I love Hercules. He is such an arrogant buffoon, and he tells ridiculous stories to the Power kids. He believes that every woman that sees him falls madly in love with him. I always enjoy him whenever he appears in comic books. 
Original Graphic Novel
Max Brooks' "historic" recordings of zombie attacks throughout the ages put a smile on my face. His writing is extremely decompressed, making this a super fast read. Artist Ibraim Roberson delivers nicely rendered undead fun. Who doesn't love zombies these days? They are in every facet of our culture, even used as part of Gardner White's (a local furniture chain) ad campaign. What screams family fun more than zombies?
Please note: I did not receive any money for posting this advertisement in my blog. This advertisement is provided for entertainment purposes only. Gardner White does not endorse nor provide recompense to the Junk Food For Thought blog...although maybe they should.
I like the way that the zombie attacks are arranged chronologically, and the ending is satisfying. This is a fun little book that's worth a read.

Green Lantern (2011)
The first third of this movie is cardboard stiff, with terrible dialogue and a rote like presentation. Yes, ho hum, this is how this happened, yes *yawn* this is that character, etc. Things finally get into and gear and the movie gets decent. The fight scenes are more "comic book"-like than the Marvel movies are. I am not sure how well that will sit with civilians, though. I liked the action sequences but felt that some of the CGI was rather amateurish. The whole movie just sort of underwhelmed me. Maybe I was just in a pissy mood because of the morons who walked in as the movie started and went past the sea of empty rows to sit in my row. They then decided it was a good time to converse. They stopped conversing and all took turns on texting on their cell phones throughout the entire movie. I hate humans.

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