Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: G.I. Joe Special Missions Vol. 3

G.I. JOE SPECIAL MISSIONS VOL. 3 (IDW, 2011; softcover)
Collects G. I. Joe Special Missions Nos. 15-21 (cover dates November, 1988- May, 1989)
I'm pretty sure that I had dropped this title by the time that these issues were originally published. The team of Writer Larry Hama and Artist Herb Trimpe work well together, but this has become an increasingly dry read for my tastes. I won't be buying Vol. 4 of this series of trade paperbacks. IDW's restoration is still sub-par, and their color choices are garish. They present these on the glossiest paper known to man. I like paper with a slight sheen, not this highly polished, glare prone stuff. It sure smells nice though, the result of that magically delicious, toxic Korean ink and paper from virgin Amazon rain forest trees.

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  1. Great! Now that you're dropping this title, you'll need to look for something else to read.