Friday, January 21, 2011

Reviews: Logan's Run: Last Day; Night of the Living Dead; Ex Machina Vol. 10: Term Limits

I have been on my annual Winter Sabbatical, where I take a week off of work, shut myself off from the world, and stay inside and read. The temperatures here in Michigan have been very cold this week, so it's not like there is much else to do but stay inside anyways. One of the things that I decided to do on this vacation was take a vacation from the rules of my backlog and go for "guerrilla" reading, where I randomly grab whichever book I feel like reading at that moment. It's been fun, but chaos would surely ensue if this became my standard operating procedure.

LOGAN'S RUN: LAST DAY (Bluewater, 2010; softcover)
Collects Logan's Run: Last Day Nos. 1-4 (cover dates January- April, 2010)
Logan's Run is equal parts passion and nostalgia for me. While I was too young to catch the 1976 theatrical release, I did see it re-run in syndication a number of times in the late '70s and early '80s. For a kid who was enamored with Star Wars and  Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Logan's Run was equally awesome. This series is closer to the book than the movie and is exceptionally well done, with great writing by Jason Brock and Paul J. Salamoff (adapting the William F. Nolan novel) and tremendous artwork by Daniel Gete. Heck, even colorist Joseph Baker deserves a shout out for the tasteful job that he did on the series.
There is a remake of the movie on the way, and I hope to ________ (deity of your choice) that they don't butcher it like they did with Planet of the Apes. It would be nice to get movies to both sequels, too. 
Not ALL is rosy, though: Bluewater originally solicited this as a 6 issue trade, but when it came out, only the first four issues were included. The arc isn't even resolved in this trade, ending on a cliffhanger. I hope that they put those two issues in the next Logan's Run trade. I won't complain too much, though, because 4 issues at a MSRP $14.99 from an independent publisher with licensing fees isn't TOO bad, I suppose. I would've rather had the complete 6 issue series in one book, though. That aside, what could be stopping you from treating yourself to this? 
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD VOL. 1 (Avatar, 2010; Softcover)
Collects George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead No. 1, Night of the Living Dead: Back From The Grave No. 1, Night of the Living Dead: Hunger, Night of the Living Dead: Just A Girl No. 1, Night of the Living Dead: New York No. 1 and Night of the Living Dead: The Beginning Nos. 1-3 (cover dates August, 2006- 2009)
Avatar Press continually produces quality material, and this is another fine offering from them. These issues take place before and after the original movie, and are co-written by original creator and movie script co-writer John Russo. The artwork is serviceable if unremarkable (see cover image above), with the exceptions being the issues done by Fabio Janses and Edison George. All of the variant covers are included as DVD-style extras, and the Jacen Burrows ones are my favorites. On the OCD side of things, the book has sewn binding and is printed on high-quality paper. A nice package and a good read.
EX MACHINA VOL. 10: TERM LIMITS (Wildstorm/DC, 2010; softcover)
Collects Ex Machina Nos. 45-50 (cover dates November, 2009- September, 2010)
Wow! This series has remained a favorite of mine, and while I am sad to see it end, it ended with a HUGE bang! Like all great endings, there are questions left unanswered. No one could've seen it coming, no way no how, and there is no way in Hell that I'm going to tell you how it ended. If you have not checked this series out, start with the first issue or the first trade paperback and go from there. Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris have made a series for the ages here, and one day I am going to sit down and re-read all 10 trade paperbacks in a row.

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