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JUPITER'S LEGACY VOL. 2 (Image, First Printing, 2017; Softcover)

Collects Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 #1-5 (cover dates June, 2016- July, 2017)

Writer: Mark Millar

Artists: Frank Quitely and Rob Miller

Colorists: Sunny Gho

Give a person everything that they want, and what will they want? A little more. Brandon finds this lesson out the hard way. Even if you give people everything that you think that they want, it still doesn't make them happy because you never know what really makes other people happy.

I'm being deliberately vague with this review, as nobody likes spoilers. Fandom tends to disagree on the shelf life of a spoiler, but I'm of the mindset that I don't want to be the guy to spoil it for you, so I try to not do them. Your mileage may vary.

The tide turns, the moving parts that make up life slide into a new tongue and groove, and the circle is complete. Everything old is new again. It's taken four books to make the point (two volumes each of Jupiter's Legacy and Jupiter's Circle), but the payoff is clear. That is, unless Jupiter's Requiem, coming in 2019, smashes the whole thing to bits. I don't care either way, I just want to learn about the aliens for chrissakes.
Junk Food For Thought rating: 4 out of 5.

The OCD zone- This is the part where I go into tactile sensations and materials of physical media. Those with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or women who are pregnant should exit my blog at their earliest convenience, as their safety cannot be guaranteed beyond this point.

Paper stock: Medium weight coated stock with a slight sheen, closer to glossy paper than matte.

Binding: Perfect bound trade paperback.

Cardstock cover notes: Laminated cardstock cover.

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