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LEGENDARY STAR-LORD VOL. 1: FACE IT, I RULE (Marvel, First Printing, 2015; Softcover)

Collects Legendary Star-Lord #1-5 (cover dates September, 2014- January, 2015)

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artists: Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco with Freddie Williams II (#4 only)
Colorist: David Curiel

This was a book that my son checked out of the library and wanted to read with me. I am largely unfamiliar with the character, knowing him as a C-lister from the 1970s and the movie. Over the past decade he was rebooted, with that version going on to appear in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie. This Marvel movie phenomenon is really something, as I could never imagine Star-Lord becoming a minor household name.

The characterization is right in line with what you see in film, so if that is the only version of the character that you know you will feel right at home. This is slick and polished. Think of it like a mainstream, big budget Hollywood movie. This isn't really my cup of tea but my 9 year old son loved it, so that is all that I care about. I did dig the battle with Thanos, and so did he.

There is some inappropriate language here that I had to edit out as I read it to my son. I don't get why Marvel has to do this sort of thing with mainstream superhero comics. I don't believe in censoring artists or their art, but when Marvel/Disney markets toys and cartoons to children on Disney XD then I feel that they have a certain responsibility to make the comics appropriate for them. I have been in online arguments with other fans who tell me that I should get over it and stop shielding my children from the real world. My argument for that is well then should I then expose my son to drugs or pornography, since those are also a part of the “real world”? Is it wrong for a parent to want their kid to be a kid and be able to read mainstream superhero comic books without having to censor the odd curse word? Maybe I am just a dinosaur, I dunno.
Junk Food For Thought rating: 2.25 out of 5.

The OCD zone- I find library copies to be fascinating studies of durability in the workmanship and materials of these collected editions.
Paper stock: Coated stock with a slight sheen.
Binding: Perfect bound trade paperback.
Cardstock cover notes: Laminated cardstock cover.

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