Wednesday, January 28, 2015


LEONARD STARR'S MARY PERKINS ON STAGE VOL. 3 (Classic Comics Press, 2007; Softcover)

Collects Mary Perkins On Stage strips originally published on April 20, 1959- June 12, 1960
Writer and Artist: Leonard Starr

So great! How can people not scream their love for this strip from the rooftops? This is some of the best stuff that I have ever read, and if you read it you would say the same. Mary Perkins kinda sorta almost finds happiness this time out, but it is the journey and not the destination that is the charm of this strip. You actually care about every character and every scenario...even the dog. I have volumes 4-13 aging to perfection in my backlog, content in the knowledge that whenever I crack them open that they will be as satisfying as popping the cork on a vintage bottle of wine.
Junk Food For Thought rating: 5 out of 5.

The OCD zone- Like most strip books, this is presented in landscape format. It takes some getting used to reading a book this wide, but the material more than makes up for it. Plus the artwork is much larger than it would be if they released it in a standard format book.
Linework restoration: Excellent work compiled from many sources, such as original art, proofs, etc. The nipple line is removed and many of these strips are more complete than they were at the time of original publication.
Paper stock: Uncoated stock paper.
Binding: Perfect bound trade paperback.
Cardstock cover notes: Cardstock coating has a fair thickness.

SHADOWS OF SALAMANCA (Humanoids, 2014; Hardcover)
Collects Sarah #1-3 (cover dates May- October, 2013)
Writer: Christophe Bec
Artist: Stefano Raffaele
Colorist: Bertrand Denoulet (#1) and Christian Favrelle (#2, 3)

I was on a huge Humanoids kick for a while there and then just stopped. No real reason other than I just stopped buying and reading their stuff. This book caught my eye as it is by the creative team which brought us Pandemonium, which was the book that brought me into the world of Humanoids Publishing to begin with. It all seemed fitting, so here we are again. Ancient Native American superstitions made real and a serial killer from Sarah's past resurfacing equal a disturbing yet beautifully illustrated read. I would be in for anything that this creative team does.
Junk Food For Thought rating: 4.25 out of 5.

The OCD zone- Humanoids books are top shelf affairs, with high end features like a built-in ribbon bookmark being standard issue.
Paper stock: Thick semi-glossy coated stock.
Binding: Smyth sewn binding, lays perfectly flat.
Hardback cover notes: No dustjacket, image part of the paper on the casewrap. Has sufficiently thick coating to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

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