Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review- Madhouse #95-97

Madhouse #95-97 (Red Circle Productions/ Fawcett/ Archie Comics, cover dates September, 1974- January, 1975)

Writers: Don Glut, Marv Channing, John Jacobson, Bruce Jones, Frank X Doyle, Stan Goldberg, and Ralph Alphonso
Artists: Vicente Alcazar, Doug Wildey, Carlos Pino, Jesse Santos, Sal Amendola, Bruce Jones, Frank Thorne, Gray Morrow, and Al McWilliams

A pox upon you, Facebook comic book groups! Folks post covers to issues, and last Hallowe'en a friend of mine posted the cover to #97 (the one on the bottom). I took to ComicBookDB and then to eBay, patiently bidding on copies within a predetermined price range. It took me 9 months but I obtained all three for under $20.00. I have also quit all of those groups to avoid further temptation. I saved these comics for my Hallowe'en sabbatical (I took the whole week off) and tore through them. I love the Bronze Age of comics, and these are about as good as what DC was doing at the time in House Of Mystery and their other assorted titles. The series starts out strong with #95 but each issues gets a little weaker, with the series morphing back into a humor title with #98.

This would make a pretty cool collected edition. All three issues total 74 pages of content including covers and text story pages, a bit thin for a trade paperback. Red Circle, which was Archie's Horror/ Sci-Fi/ superhero imprint, also published other Horror comics during this time period: Chilling Adventures In Sorcery #3-5, and Red Circle Sorcery #6-11. Given Archie's runaway success with Afterlife With Archie and now Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, maybe it is time for Archie to revisit this material with two trade paperbacks or one deluxe hardcover. You could compile these issues with Chilling Adventures In Sorcery #3-5 in one and then do Red Circle Sorcery #6-11 in the other for softcovers or all of them in one deluxe Archive-style hardcover. There are many notable creators who worked on these issues and it would go over pretty well, methinks.

Junk Food For Thought rating: 4 out of 5. 

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