Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review- John Carpenter's Asylum #6

John Carpenter's Asylum #6 (Storm King, cover date 2014, released June 4, 2014)
Writers: Sandy King and Trent Olsen
Artist: Leonardo Manco
Colorist: Kinsun Loh

This title has backed itself into a dangerous corner. The high quality is no longer a pleasant surprise, it has become par for the course. The bar has been raised, makers of Horror comics! I am of course being tongue in cheek. I savor and enjoy each issue of this title, reading it twice in a row.
The conclusion of this round in the battle between good and evil has reached epic, almost biblical, proportions. Ancient good fighting ancient evils . It could come off as preachy or corny but thankfully it is not. It's hard to do this sort of thing without coming off as either Dungeons & Dragons, Death Metal nerd demonology or, worse yet, Christian Metal holy righteousness.

The conclusion to the first arc is really the beginning of something much bigger. I am so happy to see this series continue, as I was wondering what the goal was after the first arc concluded. This series could do what American Horror Story does, where the entire setting changes from one “season” to the next. For now it appears that it will continue on with this setting.
Beginning with #7 we get a two issue, two-part sidebar story with artwork by the incredible Tom Mandrake! Then the second arc will begin with issue 9, where Leonardo Manco's artwork returns. When it comes to Mandrake and Manco, one is an apple and one is an orange but they are both delicious.
The folks over at their Facebook page recently posted that there will be a trade paperback solicited in July for an October release. Seeing as how the bulk of this blog is dedicated to collected editions, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be picking that one up! To all of my fellow trade waiters, this is your chance to find out what I have been gushing about for the past year or so. I know what I will be giving everybody for Christmas...
Junk Food For Thought rating: 5 out of 5. 


  1. Finally! I was wondering when we'd get a trade......After reading all of your glowing reviews, I was nearly ready to (Shudder....) buy the floppies........Brrrr!
    I'm in for a copy!

  2. Dan, this is a comic where you should be buying the monthlies. It's an independent book published by Carpenter and King themselves, and they've had problems with Diamond. (Who only distribute books with high pre-orders numbers.) Fans need to be buying the monthly issues in order to support the comic and ensure there can even be trade paperbacks.