Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review- Morbius: The Living Vampire Nos. 20-27

Morbius: The Living Vampire Nos. 20-27 (Marvel, cover dates April- November, 1994)
Writers: Names withheld to protect the inept.
Artists: Names withheld to protect the inept.
Wow, this is terrible. Creative teams shift, and we are introduced to “a new direction”, but that so-called new direction feels little different than the boring, old direction. There is almost no progression amongst any of the characters, and I find it difficult to even care about the star of the series. I am not rooting for anyone or anything, save an end to this title. Only five more issues to go!
I love '70s Morbius. '90s Morbius...not so much. The writing and artwork are all so subpar that I refuse to list any of the creators involved with the title for fear of embarrassing them. I will name one name, though, and that is Letterer Janice Chaing, whose craptastic hand lettering makes every panel look even worse than the “artwork” already does.
Do you know what the truly sick thing is about this title? That I would plunk down money on an Omnibus or other collected edition of this series in a heartbeat. I am truly ill.

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