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SHADOWLAND (Marvel, 2011; Hardcover)

Collects Shadowland Nos. 1-5 (cover dates September, 2010- January, 2011)

Writer: Andy Diggle

Artist: Billy Tan

Like most modern Marvel Comics, this is a spit-shined production. The writing, the artwork, and the coloring are all slick and professionally done. The problem rests with the story itself. I cannot buy the premise that this enter mini-series is based on. There will be some spoilers from here on out. Sorry, but this time I cannot critique this book without discussing some specific plot points.

Shadowland is Hell's Kitchen in New York City. Bullseye apparently blew up a tenement block, killing 107 people. Daredevil made some pact with his enemies, the ninja clan The Hand, and built some ridiculous Japanese looking temple in the middle of the city. Given how much trouble that I recently have had with permits in the city I reside in just to build a f***ing garage, this would be no small undertaking. Not to mention scheduling contractors. Sheesh. “This crew can't come in until that crew has done this.” “Oh, it rained today. Maybe next week.” I find it hard to believe that Daredevil could get such a structure erected before someone came sniffing around. This is the premise laid out in the first issue. These events took place in Daredevil, which I do not regularly read. So going in, I couldn't buy it. 

Unfortunately for me and my wallet, I did buy this book. At least the artwork was pretty, right? So I soldiered on. Daredevil acts completely out of character, the result of him being possessed by some lameass ninja demon. As if having an army of ninjas in the middle of New York wasn't unbelievable enough, we have some ancient demon thing, too. Right. Elektra is also around to crap up the proceedings, as well as piss on Frank Miller's legacy on the title. Nice.
So all in all, this was a beautiful, highly polished turd. I couldn't buy it, couldn't get into it, and now relegate it to What If...? fan fiction status.

The OCD zone- Standard Marvel Premiere Edition hardcover, with the same nice paper and glued binding.

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