Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review- Jack White/ Blunderbuss

Jack White/ Blunderbuss (Third Man/ Columbia, 2012)
Jack White is the man. Say what you will, but he has managed to get to this level of popularity with his integrity intact. Blunderbuss clocks in at just under 42 minutes, a good length for an album. When CDs became the dominant format, album lengths went from 40 to 45 minutes up to 80 minutes. Albums became clogged with filler, or worse yet, artists started taking 2-3 years between releases. Jack White is a purist on every level, from his old school work ethic to album lengths.
There has been a nice progression from The White Stripes through The Raconteurs to this, while maintaining a thread of sound through it all where it doesn't sound forced or alien. It's interesting to hear all of these little nuances and flourishes incorporated into his core sound.
On and On and On is the catchiest tune Jack has penned since The Air Near My Fingers. It has dug it's claws into my brain and won't let go. It will surely haunt me day in and day out as I walk my beat. Sixteen Saltines, while obvious since it is the single, is also great. That is probably the closest that this album gets to The White Stripes sound. Blunderbuss is a more subdued album than anything else he's done before. This is a bitter, broken heart album. Some of my all-time favorite albums fall under that umbrella, so Jack is, as always, in good company.

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