Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review- Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 3

WONDER WOMAN ARCHIVES VOL. 3 (DC, 2002; Hardcover)

Collects Wonder Woman Nos. 5-7 and selections from Sensation Comics Nos. 18-24 (cover dates June- December, 1943)

Writer: Dr. William Moulton Marston

Artists: Harry G. Peter and Frank Godwin

After three volumes of this series of the DC Archives, I am no longer shocked to see Wonder Woman tied up in various positions. The dominance and submission, both on the parts of the Amazons and the villains, is so commonplace in this title that I scarcely bat an eye at it any more. People tied up, chained, electrocuted, humiliated...all are an everyday occurrence in Wonder Woman's world. 

Wonder Woman's first true super villain, the Cheetah, is introduced in this volume, and of course she has female slaves, who dress as zebras. 

The writing by Dr. William Moulton Marston and artwork by H.G. Peter are excellent as usual. There is a different artist on a few stories, Frank Godwin. His take on Wonder Woman is less cartoony than Peter's, and is quite good. I still prefer Peter on the title, but will have to learn to live with other artists as these Archives progress. 

The OCD zone- High quality dull matte finish paper and sewn binding, plus laying flat, makes my OCD signals all turn green. It all seems so simple, and the world seems so right when hardcover books exceeding 150 or so pages do this. I can tolerate glued binding on hardcovers with low page counts, but definitely not on books with MSRPs of $49.99 or higher. The restoration is excellent throughout the book.

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