Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reviews: Creepy Archives Vol. 8; Family Bones Vol. 1

CREEPY ARCHIVES VOL. 8 (Dark Horse, 2010; Hardcover)
Collects Creepy Nos. 37-41 (cover dates January- September, 1971)
Writers: Bill Warren, Doug Moench, Steve Skeates, Gerry Conway, Wally Wood, Phil Seuling, Don McGregor, Nicola Cuti, and others.
Artists: Bill Stillwell, Syd Shores, Mike Royer, Rich Buckler, Wally Wood, Dave Cockrum, Frank Brunner, Ken Barr, George Roussos, Richard Corben, and others.
These stories run the gamut from great to horror-ble to passable. The artwork and writing are all over the place in terms of quality, but as you can see above, there is an assembly of great talent here. This is the largest of the Creepy and Eerie Archives yet, clocking in at well over 300 pages. It's a big, heavy honkin' book!
The OCD zone- I love the paper and sewn binding in these books. While uncoated stock might reproduce this black and white material a little better, I am happy with these books and look forward to my shelves bowing under the weight of the 25 proposed volumes. 
FAMILY BONES VOL. 1(King Tractor Press, 2007; Softcover)
Collects Family Bones Nos. 1-5 (cover dates 2006)
Writer: Shane Granger
Artist: Various
There are times where I get to a book in my backlog and think Now where in the Hell did this come from? Or Why on Earth did I buy that?? The only answer that I could come up with is that it was dirt cheap on clearance. This is a horrible read. I try to be kind to small press stuff like this, as they are labors of love and the creators involved usually lose money on these projects, but man this series sucks. The artwork is done by multiple parties, and all of it is mediocre. The writing is extremely decompressed, which doesn't help, either. I flew through this book in no time at all. You'd think with five issues, presented in this book as an arc, you'd have the semblance of resolution. Instead, you get a splat ending, with no resolution whatsoever. This sucks so bad that I don't really care, but it would be nice if there were an answer to the questions that were asked in the first 5 issues. There is a second trade paperback available, but I wouldn't read it if you gave it to me for free. This is comic book storytelling amateur hour and should be avoided at all costs. I'll be dumping this one off on eBay during my next purging. 

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