Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review- The Nightmare Factory Vol. 1

THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY (Fox Atomic/ Harper Collins, 2007; Softcover)
Original Graphic Novel.
Writers: Thomas Ligotti, with adaptations by Stuart Moore and Joe Harris
Artists: Colleen Doran, Ben Templesmith, Ted McKeever, and Michael Gaydos,
Yet another bargain bin find, I was surprised when I got to this one in the backlog. Where did this come from? Is this book so evil that it planted itself into my collection in order to enslave my soul? I must have picked this up when I was on one of my more adventurous kicks. The artwork is quite different from story to story, and for the most part it works for each respective story. The writing is superb, with these stories being incredibly layered and nuanced. The ideas Ligotti has have bore themselves into my brain like maggots into a rotting corpse, and are forcing me to reflect on their foulness.
The Last Feast of Harlequin is the best, with it's H.P. Lovecraft ancient ones flavored evil. I am a big fan of psychological Horror and suspense, and Ligotti (with Moore and Harris) deliver it in spades. I am not sure if I bought this book or if I am cursed and it has chosen to possess me. Either way, there's no turning back...
The OCD zone- I dislike the way that the cover of this book feels in my hands. It's uncoated cardstock and it has a rough, gritty feel to it that makes me ill. I was a stockboy in my adolescence, and one of my tasks was stocking shelves with liquor bottles. Gilby's Gin had frosted glass some 20 plus years ago, and it made me feel ill and creepy crawly just touching it for an instant. This book gave me a similar feeling and brought back that memory from way back when. The paper is at least super thick, high quality coated stock. I just wish that the cover didn't feel so gross.

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