Monday, December 26, 2011

Review- Steve Rogers: Super Soldier

STEVE ROGERS: SUPER SOLDIER (Marvel, 2011; Hardcover)
Collects Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Nos. 1-4 and the Captain America origin story from Captain America Comics No. 1 (cover dates September- December, 2010 for the main series; March, 1941 for the Cap origin story.)
Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Dale Eaglesham
Okay, I'm completely sold. Ed Brubaker is the best writer working in comic books today. His writing is of such a caliber that I fear he may be poached away by more lucrative offers, i.e. television or movies.
Dale Eaglesham is an incredible artist, also one of the best in the industry today. He is clearly at the head of the pack of modern comic book artists. His detail, pacing and storytelling are superb. When you combine a great writer and a great artist, you get a work of art like this book. It's a pity that this was the extent of their collaboration for this title.
This series deals with Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, dealing with a black market version of the Super Soldier serum which gave him his powers. It reads like a cross between James Bond spy/espionage and a superhero title. My only gripe is that Steve/Cap uses a firearm. He never did in the past. It's really not a big deal, and it certainly makes a lot of sense, but I still dislike it nonetheless. 
The OCD zone- This is a Marvel Premiere Hardcover, so it gets the standard line: Glued binding, with all of the limitations and advantages that the format has to offer. Nice coated stock paper. The glued binding is acceptable at the price point and page count.

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  1. I was late to the party with Brubaker's Cap, but I've quite enjoyed most of it, even with the occasional goofy villainous plots (like here and in Reborn).

    The only thing that bugged me about this series was the cover art, especially the one where Steve has a tiny head and different-sized arms. Where's Romita's Raiders when you need 'em?