Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: Eeek! Vol. 1

'Tis the season. With Halloween fast approaching, I am getting into the eeee-vil spirit of things by reading more Horror comic books. Over the next few weeks, expect several reviews of macabre comic books that have been in my backlog since last Halloween.

EEEK! VOL. 1 (Asylum Press, 2010; Softcover)
Collects Eeek! Nos. 1-4 (cover dates 2006-2008)
Writer and Artist: Jason Paulos
Eeek! is a black and white Horror anthology comic book. What you have here is homage to the point of being so convincing that it becomes authentic in it's own right. Jason Paulos holds Creepy and Eerie in such high esteem and has learned every nuance and technique. If you presented a tattered, aged copy of these stories to someone, they'd be hard pressed to not believe that they were originally published in the early '70s.
Paulos is a one man show, and to give this series a true anthology feel, he employs countless art techniques. He's either a chameleon or schizophrenic...possibly both. Some of his styles are close to the EC greats, others are less illustrious. All of them are well written and possess that wry black humor that made those old school Horror comic books so much fun.
This book is definitely worth a read if you can find it.
The OCD zone- Saddle stitched sewn binding.

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