Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: X-Men- Second Coming

X-MEN: SECOND COMING (Marvel, 2010; Hardcover)
Collects New Mutants Nos. 12-14, Second Coming: Prepare, Second Coming Nos. 1, 2, Uncanny X-Men Nos. 523-525, X-Force Nos. 26-28 and X-Men Legacy Nos. 235-237 (cover dates April- September, 2010).
Okay, this was much better than X-Necrosha. While X-Necrosha was necessary to set the stage for this arc, it still doesn't sit any better with me than it did on my initial reading. I miss the days of "X-Men don't kill", although I did enjoy the ultra violence of X-Force. (Spoilers ahead.) It's nice to see the old guard of the X-Men hold Cyclops and Wolverine accountable for this shift in philosophy and practice.  Uncanny X-Force spins out of this, and man does that line-up look terrible. Anything with Deadpool in it screams avoid me at all costs. Thanks for saving me money, Marvel! Cable sucks, and I hope to Godzilla that he really is dead. Somehow, I doubt it. Hope seems to be yet another Phoenix retread, thus throwing more dirt on the grave of the X-Men. I used to really love this title, you know? The '60s-80s X-Men had so much creativity behind them, but nowadays it's "let's kill things, and maybe no one will notice how bad things are."
I enjoyed Clayton Crain and Mike Choi's artwork in this book, but Terry Dodson is changing for the worse. His art is getting a "spongy" look to it...not exactly my cup of tea. I hope that the Heroic Age ushers in some light to what has become an increasingly dark, increasingly depressing era of the X-Men. I guess that I will be sticking with Uncanny X-Men for at least a little while longer to find out.

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