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Theatre Bizarre @ The Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI on October 17, 2015

Theatre Bizarre @ The Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI on October 17, 2015

If you love Hallowe'en then you must go to Theatre Bizarre. It is an all out assault on your senses from all directions at all times, evoking the feeling of films like The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut. The Masonic Temple is a 90-odd year old building in Detroit with stunning, artistic architecture which would be impossible to build today. It has fourteen levels, eight of which are open during this event.

Aside from the main 4,400 seat theatre and the 1,500 seat Jack White Theatre (formerly the Scottish Rite Cathedral) guests are free to roam the eight open levels of the building (there are fourteen in all). There are attractions of all types (contortionists, stilt-walkers, fire-breathers, burlesque, fetish, live bands, and much, much more) going on all levels at all times. One of my favorites is The Ghost Train, which is a train ride on the seventh floor.

You get to ride The Line Ride before you get to ride The Ghost Train.

My pictures fail to do the event justice. Suffice it to say that this is best Hallowe'en party in Michigan if not the world. People come from all over to attend. I saw license plates from other states in the parking lot. I was pleased to see that they rectified the entry problems. Instead of everyone coming in the front door there were at least three entrances and the wait to get in was like five minutes. We arrived at the same time last year and it was closer to an hour with people wrapped around the building. It was a pleasant surprise to stroll right in.

This event sells out every year well in advance so if you are interested you should buy tickets early. Another helpful recommendation is to bring cash, as the bar and food stations are cash only. While there are ATMs all over they are the kind that nail you with a $3 fee plus whatever your financial institution slaps on you for using an out of network machine. Out of town readers interested in the event should check out the official website. The Motor City Casino is within walking distance and would be a headache free place to stay if you are from out of town. The event runs from 6:30 PM to 4 AM, so I recommend taking a disco nap before heading out. 

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