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Review- Village Wives/ Beset By Creatures Of The Deep/ John Krautner @ UFO Factory in Detroit, MI on April 24, 2015

Village Wives/ Beset By Creatures Of The Deep/ John Krautner @ UFO Factory in Detroit, MI on April 24, 2015

The UFO Factory opened last fall, but this was my first visit there. It's easy to get to and has lots of parking, a huge plus for practical folks who don't enjoy walking two or three blocks away. It's a cool place overall and has vintage video games and an old pinball machine which swallowed my quarter and stiffed me. I watched others fall prey to this seemingly innocuous money swallowing monster. I suspect that the UFO Factory makes hundreds of dollars a week in quarters from the rubes looking for a little pinball action. It is hard to be serious about that gripe when you get free freshly popped popcorn, so I would advise folks to feed the broken machine a quarter if you grab some popcorn. Or at least tip somebody.

This was the record release party for John Krautner's long-gestating Fun With Gum Vol. 1 album, and while it was released in limited amounts of stores in the Detroit area on April 7, this was the first time that it was available on CD as well. I grabbed it on compact disc since I already own the pink vinyl. There were also special Fun With Gum buttons made for this show and were given away free to those in attendance.

After two openers John Krautner and his awesome band came on just before 1 AM. I catch these guys nearly every time they play out, and they absolutely nailed it tonight. In baseball terms they knocked this one way out of the park. They did the same set that they have been doing for a while now, but it is such a fun set to see. It is the whole of the album plus the encore cover.

Got mine autographed!

Here was the setlist for those playing along at home.

I Need Sugar
I Can Cry Too
Love Just Ain't Strong Anymore
I Get A Kick
Lion Eyes
I Know What's Right
Where Is Terry?
Good At The Bad Things
Music Is The Thing
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' (Crazy Elephant cover)

Yes, my photography sucks. Apologies to all. 

Like I said, I have seen his solo band many times, but this was the best one yet. Everyone did great but Ben Luckett deserves an extra shout out, because he absolutely killed it on drums last night. Unreal. There are maybe two or three drummers in Rock and Roll right now that can play like that live. I am pretty spoiled because I get to see these guys play live quite a bit. There is still a lot of great music left in this city. The rest of the country can talk smack about us but I love Detroit. It's not perfect but it's a great place to live if you like music.

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