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Review- John Krautner and His Name Is Alive, February 14, 2015 at The Magic Stick in Detroit, MI

John Krautner and His Name Is Alive, February 14, 2015 at The Magic Stick in Detroit, MI

Valentine's Day. A time for lovers, Rock and Roll...and bitterly cold weather. The thermometer on my car's dashboard read 1 degree. Windchills took it way below zero, and that's Fahrenheit for all of you out there in the metric system using world beyond the United States. We also got a bonus couple of inches of snow in the morning just to add that extra suck factor. Detroit is not a fun place to be during the winter, which lasts like six months out of the year.

His Hame Is Alive was celebrating their 25th anniversary but we went for opener John Krautner. Rumors of The Magic Stick ditching Rock for EDM have been swirling about, but it depends on who you ask if it will happen or not. It would be a shame if it did, as they recently redid the stage, lights, and PA.

I have seen John many times, both with The Go and solo, and this was the best solo performance yet. Whatever it is they did or did not do, they should do or do not do more of that, as it worked. I feel weird when I say that something is “the best”, because it makes it sound like I disliked what they did before when it was not the case. It's like when someone who hasn't seen you in a while says that you look great. What, did I look bad before? Same kind of thing.

They came on early for a club show, roughly 9:30. I think that a lot of people missed the beginning of the set because folks usually don't roll in until 10 or so for club shows. By the time it was over I turned around and there were a couple hundred folks behind me. The set was the same as the past few times: the whole of the forthcoming Fun With Gum Vol. 1 and the cover song at the end. That's all right though, since the album has been delayed due to continually getting bumped by vinyl pressing plants. There are only a handful of them left, and with the surge in demand for vinyl they are severely backlogged, so any kink in the chain bumps things back. This album is fast becoming the Chinese Democracy of Detroit Rock due to delays. As frustrating as it is for us I am pretty sure that it is more frustrating for the band. Winky face emoticon.

Here was the setlist for those playing along at home.

I Need Sugar
I Can Cry Too
Love Just Ain't Strong Anymore
I Get A Kick
Lion's Eyes (played at 78 speed compared to the 7” single)
Northwood (played at 78 speed compared to the 7” single)
I Know What's Right
Where Is Terry?
I'm Good At A Bad Thing
Music Is The Thing
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' (Crazy Elephant cover)

They were done around 10:15 PM, again early for a club show. We stayed for maybe one song for the headliner but the the boss gave the word to heave ho and off I went. It's all good. We had a blast and look forward to the next show.

Looking back through my archives I guess I didn't review the October 27, 2014 show at PJ's Lager House. There have been a few shows I have skipped reviewing due to laziness over the past few months. King Tuff. Chris Robinson Brotherhood. I get in a funk reviewing sometimes and say screw it. 

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