Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review- John Krautner/ Feelings: Vinewood Demos

John Krautner/ Feelings: Vinewood Demos (Eye Vibe, 2014)

This is a split cassette release. John Krautner is on side one and Feelings is on side two. John's material is all acoustic. Upside Down Bat is my favorite of the four songs on his side, although That's Where I'm At is pretty close. The recording is decidedly lo-fi, which adds to the charm of Krautner's songs while working against Feelings'. While I am a fan of lo-fi recordings there needs to be a certain amount of “space” to the sound. I am sure that Feelings would sound better live or recorded under better circumstances.

This is limited to 100 pieces, and you might be able to snag one here if you hurry...

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