Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review- Panic in Hamtramck with The Reelers, Too Weird, Frustrations, and John Krautner at The Painted Lady Lounge on August 29, 2014 in Hamtramck (Detroit), MI

Panic in Hamtramck with The Reelers, Too Weird, Frustrations, and John Krautner at The Painted Lady Lounge on August 29, 2014 in Hamtramck (Detroit), MI

The Painted Lady is an unassuming place tucked into the edge of a residential block in Detroit's city within a city, Hamtramck. This event marked the 10th anniversary of the place formerly known as Lily's 21. It is loud as fuck in there. I was deaf for two days after the show. Oh well, like the old Kiss concert shirts from 1983-84 used to say on the back IF IT'S TOO LOUD, YOU'RE TOO OLD! Agreed, I am too old for so much wattage in such a small space. Winky face emoticon. 
The Reelers were like one guy who was singing and way into it and these other guys. Too Weird was a one man electric guitar thing and looked like Sideshow Bob. He also played with his back to the crowd. I didn't get it but my wife loved his hair. The Frustrations seemed to go over well with the kids. Not my thing but I have heard worse.
John Krautner came on around 12:30, well past my bedtime, but losing sleep for Rock and Roll is nothing new to me. John has a new album slated for release (finally!) this fall on Burger Records, Fun With Gum Vol. 1. Those in attendance got to hear it in it's entirety live. It's great and I can't wait for everyone to hear it.
 I Need Sugar is the song of the year. Seriously, just wait. Soon enough you will say it too, since everyone who has heard has increased their sugar consumption. I Can Cry Too ended with some guy who may or may not have been from Germany jumping on stage and grabbing one of the microphones shouting in the thickest German accent imaginable “This John Krautner. You JUMP! JUMP!” and a few other things before he was persuaded to leave the stage and go back down. I saw him doing his thing before that and he was way into it. One of those folks who is as much a show as the show itself. He also proceeded to yell and point at people “You PUSSY. You not JUMP!” I found it to be funny. In Soviet Russia, audience entertains band.

Love Just Ain't Strong Anymore and I Get A Kick are great songs. They had a 7” for sale, and the B-side to it, Lion's Eyes was followed by the A-side of the new single, Northwood. Both will be on the longplayer but that Chatham sleeve is so sweet that you should grab one anyways. Plus it is on blue vinyl, which adds 10% enjoyment. Science. I Know What's Right is one of my favorites, one of those instantly likeable tunes. Where Is Terry? and I'm Good At A Bad Thing or One More Time (whatever the official name for that one is) were fun.
This Beatles moment courtesy of the shocking, malfunctioning microphone at the end.
Music Is The Thing was announced as the final song, but the final final song (no encores, Springton- it was last call for chrissakes) was Gimme Gimme Good Lovin', a Crazy Elephant cover. I may have finished the night deaf and tired, but it was a blast. I just wish that the day after shows like this where I have two drinks didn't make me feel like I used to after shows when I was younger and had more than two drinks.

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