Monday, February 10, 2014

Review- The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie (Warner Bros., 2014)
Legos were lame as Hell when I was a kid. Rowboats, airplanes, or wheel barrels were about it. Fast forward a few decades, and my son has tons of them. They have come a long, long way and are pretty sweet. I like how everything is interchangeable. My son has Captain Jack Sparrow, the Lone Ranger, and Captain America team up to fight space aliens from Alien Conquest and ghosts from the Monster Hunter lines. Crazy. So of course he was bugging me for ages about taking him to see this movie. And because it is cold and I have no desire to go outside, I took him to see it.
The story is about a Lego man named Emmett who discovers that the world that he knew was a lie. The story is a commentary about conformity and mindless consumerism, ironic since Lego is a brand that brainwashes kids into bugging their parents to buy them endless sets, most of which are licensed characters. I don't want to give away “the big reveal”, but there is commentary about adults collecting toys and shit. I told my son afterward to not get any ideas about coming into my comic room and reading my comic books. It ain't happening, kiddo.
The CGI is really good. It looks like actual toys moving, which is kind of cool. The story feels disjointed, and I found myself zoning out a few times. I did my checkbook for the following week in my head. Thought about putting laundry away. That's fine, this movie was for my kids, not me. The theatre was packed and not one idiot was playing with their cellphone during it. Lord knows I was so bored that I wanted to. Bravo, humans!
Junk Food For Thought rating: 2 out of 5. 

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  1. You must be my brutha from anutha mutha, Kris. All I could think of during that scene was "I hope my kids don't ever want to read my comics. That would be awful."
    It was a cute film...I did, however, doze off about 5 times, because I'm old and tired, and all I ever think about is reading and sleeping. And I've been singing "Everything is awesome!" for days now.....
    BTW, I wonder if that was Harrison Ford doing Han Solo's voice....?