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Review- Paul Simon and Sting @ The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, MI on February 26, 2014

Paul Simon and Sting @ The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, MI on February 26, 2014
My wife is a huge Sting fan. I am a huge Simon and Garfunkel fan. So with Valentine's Day approaching I decided to buy us a pair of tickets to this show as a gift. Twelve days later, on a ridiculously frigid Wednesday night in a ridiculously long, cold winter, we made the pilgrimage 20 plus miles north of Detroit to Auburn Hills. Seriously, this winter has been brutal. I feel like I could go to Siberia and lay on a beach. Upon arrival our seats were relocated from the Loge Level (upper bowl) to Club Level (lower bowl). Most of the upper level was curtained off due to soft ticket sales. The Palace was maybe 60-70% full. Detroit has been economically ravaged during this recession, and even those who have not had their livelihoods affected by it are somewhat skittish with their money. We have gone from being one of the top drawing concert markets to one of the softest.
I was surprised when Paul Simon and Sting took the stage together at roughly 8:20. I figured that this was a co-headlining jaunt with maybe some kind of encore where they would do a few songs together at the end. Their bands were merged, with there being well over a dozen people on stage. They traded off between Sting and Paul Simon songs, touching on The Police and Simon and Garfunkel catalog as well over the course of roughly 2 hours and 40 minutes. 

I will give the setlist breakdown here:
Paul Simon & Sting singing together:
Brand New Day
Boy In The Bubble
Fields Of Gold
Sting solo with his band:
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Englishman In NY
I Hung My Head
Driven To Tears
Walking On The Moon- ZZZzzzzzzzzzz I am snoring by this point.
Paul Simon & Sting singing together:
Mother And Child Reunion
Paul Simon solo with his band:
50 Ways To leave Your Lover
Dazzling Blue
Still Crazy After All These Years
Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard- Fuck yeah! This was the stuff that I wanted to hear.
Paul Simon & Sting singing together:
Sting solo with his band:
America- This was interesting. Sting told a story about The Police's first US tour, and what this song meant to him as they crossed the US in a station wagon playing to empty clubs. He said that he opened The Palace in 1988 (true) and that the first time they played Detroit was at the legendary Bookie's. People started cheering, and he interrupted, saying “You weren't there. Don't pretend that you were there. There were only three people in the audience, and two of them were roadies.” He also said that the next time that they came to Detroit was at the long defunct Center Stage.
Message In A Bottle
Hounds Of Winter
They Dance Alone
Paul Simon & Sting singing together:
The Boxer- This was interesting to hear Sting harmonize with Paul Simon. While they traded verses in earlier songs, this is what I enjoyed.
Paul Simon solo with his band:
That Was Your Momma
Hearts & Stones
Mystery Train (PS' Favorite Song)
The Obvious Child
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
Call Me Al- I remember when this was a huge hit. This got the crowd of oldsters dancing.
Paul Simon & Sting singing together:
Bridge Over Troubled Water- I love Simon and Garfunkel. Love them. I have never seen them live, nor had I ever caught Paul Simon live before. Sting is no Art Garfunkel but sounded all right on this.
Every Breath You Take- We saw The Police in 2008, herded on that horrible lawn like cattle. I like latter day Police stuff like this and King Of Pain, Wrapped Around Your Finger, etc.
Late In The Evening
Encore, Paul Simon and Sting with no backing band:
When Will I Be Loved?
So this was a decent show. I am more of a Rock guy, even though I love Simon and Garfunkel. My wife loves Sting and liked Paul Simon well enough. And we both agree that it is too goddamn cold outside.

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  1. Oh, man...I would have loved to have been there. I was raised on Paul Simon.