Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review- Natural Child/ Dancin' With Wolves

Natural Child/ Dancin' With Wolves (Burger, 2014)

Rock and Roll with Country or Southern overtones is a dicey thing. It is hard to pull off and do it right. Too twangy and you are the worst aspects of The Marshall Tucker Band. Too much boogie and you're Molly Hatchet. If you go for the deep fry with too much gusto, you're Lynyrd Skynyrd. Natural Child manages to do the near impossible: Make fresh sounding southern-tinged Rock and Roll in 2014 without being corny. Indeed, their down home “hey buddy" vibe is endearing. Think of the best aspects of The Rolling Stones' country excursions and you have the closest thing to a reference point for this band's sound.

These guys sound like something out of the early '70s. The production is as good as the songs are. I am not much of a scenester, I'm more into “songs”. It's kind of hard to explain but I know it when I hear it. Not many bands around these days write songs. A friend of mine posted a link on Facebook a few weeks ago of a song and I pre-ordered this album immediately. These guys were an unknown quantity to me. I guess that this is their fourth album. No need for you to guess what my next three album purchases will be.

I'm Gonna Try is fantastic, a sort of melancholy early '70s Stones song. Don't The Time Pass Quickly is wonderfully sloppy and smelly sounding Rock. These guys sound like they are sweating when they play. I don't know why these types of thing pop in my head when I listen to shit, but they do. If music can make me hum as I walk down the street you have a winner. Saturday Night Blues is one such winner, probably the best bet for a “single” if the radio did not suck and played cool stuff.

I love the vocals, I love the songs, and I love the sound of this album. I played it four times straight through upon my first listen. I rarely do that with new albums. I can go on and on about this album but I won't. I'm not paid by the word.
Junk Food For Thought rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Burger has entered the CD age! That's right kids, CDs will be the next big thing. You read it here first. The hipsters of 2024 will be scouring pawn shops, thrift stores, and eBay looking for CD pressings of their favorites. I am a square that has never stopped believing in my friend the compact disc. While everyone else left the party I have been here picking up bottle caps and sweeping, saving y'all a seat until the retro CD revolution took hold.

The packaging for the CD release is a gatefold LP-style card sleeve, with the CD sliding out of a pocket on the inside.

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