Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review- Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World (Marvel, 2013)

The sequel to 2011's Thor comes off less as a stand alone film and more like a puzzle piece of Marvel's movie universe. I've read a fair amount of Thor comics, but not enough that I would call myself an expert on the character. I have read the early material and a smattering of other issues, but have never read the Walt Simonson run. I just wish that Thor wore his winged helmet in the movies.

Asgard looked great, Malekith and Svartlfheim looked great...everything looked great. I saw this in 2D, as I refuse to pay the bullshit extra $3 “technology surcharge”. There are oodles of special effects, with every frame spit-shined and treated with some form of CGI. That's okay with this type of film. I felt that the plot worked, even if the dialogue was pretty cheesy and felt embarrassing at times. The action sequences were fun, and this film was as loud as a Rock concert. It's pretty bad when I wonder if I should have wore earplugs during a film.

Tom Hiddleston once again stole the show as Loki. Loki's deceptions have run deep this time, and Thor 3, whenever it comes out, will be interesting. This movie seemed way too medieval for the average moviegoer, and I fear that these movies will begin to seem too geeky for the masses and will die out. Of course, the rapidity of releases isn't helping either. Or is it? There hasn't been any time for folks to catch their breaths, and everyone seems caught up in the flood of superhero films. Maybe this strategy is to Marvel's benefit. Instead of flooding the newsstand, they are flooding the multiplex. I could also be dead wrong about the general public being able to accept D&D type stuff, since The Lord Of The Rings films did good business. I'm not a marketing expert, I'm a fan and a connoisseur of this stuff.

There are two post credit scenes, and if you DON'T WANT IT SPOILED, then skip this paragraph. You have been warned. The first scene shows the Collector, and we are obviously being primed for a film adaptation of The Infinity Gauntlet. The second scene shows Thor return to Earth (Midgard) and that cat-creature thing still running around. It wouldn't surprise me to see this creature pop up in the beginning of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 5 months. END SPOILERS.

So I did something I swore that I'd never do again: go and see a film on opening night. I went to a theatre way, way out to avoid texters and talkers, and you know what? People suck no matter where you go, just not as much. I had to get up and get an usher to shush the special snowflake Millennials behind me who believed that everyone was in their living room. And I'd like to give a super-sized fuck you to the idiot parents who brought their 7-8 year old kid to a night time showing. The kid had croup and was hacking non-stop through the film, as well as talking for about 1/3 of the show. He should have been at home under a blanket, not infecting a theatre full of people. The parents looked like crackers, and this pretty much confirms that. My son would have loved to have seen this, but I didn't feel that this would be appropriate for my almost 7 year old. And it wasn't. Free advice: if you can't afford a sitter, then stay home and wait for the Blu-Ray instead of forcing your sick child to suffer through a night time showing.

My wife fell asleep during the movie. She said it was too long, but was a good sport as always. She's sat through so many of these movies with me over the years that she is eligible for sainthood after a decade of marriage.
Junk Food For Thought rating: 3.75 out of 5.


  1. Your wife fell asleep?!!!! That's so damn funny I actually laughed out loud. Like buying books online, someday you will see the light of home viewing. There is no reason to ever leave the house except for walking the children to and from school and grocery shopping. You've waited this long, what's another 4-6 months waiting for the blu-ray? I look forward to seeing this movie on my 60" plasma with surround sound that I can control. I bet you would have given it a 4 if the experience of going to the cattle fest was better, like it was before the "snowflakes" arrived.

  2. I appreciate these. Too bad you stopped.

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