Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review- The Possession

The Possession (Lionsgate, 2012)
Think of it as the Jewish Exorcist. In Sam Raimi's newest flick we find a posh, upper-middle class couple whose marriage is on the rocks dealing with their daughter becoming possessed by an evil Jewish spirit. Instead of a priest performing an exorcism, you have a rabbi. Evil spirits don't understand weekend custody battles, that's for sure.
The cinematography is great, with the spinning camera angles providing an old-school Horror film vibe. The film also benefits from having a genuinely creepy soundtrack. There are modern flourishes throughout, such as the dad using that app that turns his smart phone into a flashlight. This movie was filmed in Canada, and I know this not by watching the end credits or scouring the Internet for filming locations, but by reading the signs in the hallway at the hospital. Center is misspelled centre. Canadians can't do anything right. Have you ever tried Canadian Coca-Cola? It's putrid compared to our American mixture, which is an overly carbonated nectar of the gods. The only thing that Canadians have ever gotten right are music, politics, implementing the metric system, staying out of wars, and a nationalized health care system. Who cares about all of that when their Coke sucks though, right?
This is supposedly based on a true story, but I don't believe it. As far as Horror films go, The Possession is about as good as it gets here in the culturally bereft 21st Century. Like Raimi, I have a penchant for '60s-80s Horror films. I am so glad that we are past the Scream and Blair Witch Project faux Horror wave of “teen scary” movies. Now get the Hell off of my lawn!

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