Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review- Prometheus

Prometheus (20th Century Fox, 2012)
Where do we come from? This is man's biggest question. What would we do if the answer was the one found in this film? Would people still believe in a god or other higher power? The best films leave you with questions and not answers, and Prometheus follows suit. Like the original Alien, this is a H.R. Geiger fan's wet dream, with all of the bizarre spaceship architecture. Also like in the original Alien, Ridley Scott is in charge. He hasn't missed a step, as this was every bit as high quality as the original. Bring on the rumored Blade Runner sequel! There is the possibility of a sequel to this movie, and part of me wants to see it happen. The other part wants to wonder what if...?
The pre-release hype that this wasn't necessarily an Alien prequel are complete and utter nonsense. This film won't disappoint anyone who is serious about their science fiction. Oh, and skip the 3D- I don't feel that it added one single thing to the experience except for making my wallet $3.00 lighter. 

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