Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: Super 8

Super 8
Super 8 is a slick, seamless Sci-Fi/ alien/ monster movie hybrid that works pretty well. It has those Spielberg flourishes and JJ Abrams' fresh-take feel for classic material that make this feel like Stand By 1979...with a monster alien thing. In fact, this is such a period piece that I am, right here and right now, dubbing a new sub-genre: fauxstalgia. What is fauxstalgia, you ask? It's retro porn, where they go so far out of their way to tug at one's heartstrings with remembrances of bygone eras that the setting seems to eclipse the story as the star. Old cars, old songs (many of which would have been too new for these small town mid-Western  kids to be in to at that point in time), old packaging on products in stores and in people's houses...nostalgia porn. Things aren't as good as they used to be, and likely never were. While I believe that the late 1970s were indeed the pinnacle of Western Civilization with Kiss and Star Wars, I see no reason for this movie to have taken place in 1979 vs. 2011 other than the fauxstalgia factor. Would the Internet and cellular phones really have impacted this story that much? Would a digital camera rather than a Super 8mm camera have cheapened the monster angle of the story? Not in my opinion. This is a fine popcorn flick despite these perceived shortcomings. Let's put an end to fauxstalgia, Hollywood.

(Update/ edit 6/12/11: Fauxstalgia is already in the Urban Dictionary. )

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