Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Review- DEAD MAN LOGAN VOL. 1: SINS OF THE FATHER, RELAY VOL. 1: REALITY DENIED, Questprobe #1-3 and Marvel Fanfare #33, THE MAGIC ORDER VOL. 1

DEAD MAN LOGAN VOL. 1: SINS OF THE FATHER (Marvel, First Printing, 2019; Softcover)

Collects Dead Man Logan #1-6 (cover dates January-June, 2019)

Good stuff that should have just been more issues of Old Man Logan. But hey kids, a new #1! I am trying to not bag on the industry, but these endless relaunches seem to be a case of diminishing returns and jumping off points for older readers without a mass influx of new readers. We are at a point where we should just go to cover dates instead of issue numbers.

RELAY VOL. 1: REALITY DENIED (Aftershock, First Printing, April, 2019; Softcover)

Collects Relay #0-5 (cover dates May, 2018- April, 2019)

Brilliant stuff. There has been no news of any more issues, which stinks. Let's hope that we'll see more sooner than later.

Questprobe #1-3 and Marvel Fanfare #33 (Marvel, cover dates August, 1984- January, 1987)

Computers were for nerds in 1984. My family being able to afford a computer in 1984 was as far fetched as my family being able to afford a rocket ship. Plus, what on Earth could we possibly need a computer for? The old world is pretty funny in retrospect.

I bought issue 2 off of the spinner rack in October of 1984. I still say that it was intended to be issue 97 of Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man and was recut at the last minute to include the Chief Examiner. Go back and reread it, you'll see what I mean. The portions that tie in are almost entirely on separate pages and seem spliced in. Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #97 was essentially an inventory story with little ongoing subplots. Questprobe #2 was way more tied into the current series with the supporting cast featured. Marvel Fanfare #33 was intended to be the fourth issue but was cancelled when the computer company who made the video game went bankrupt. It was released a couple of years later in that inventory story clearing house series.

THE MAGIC ORDER VOL. 1 (Image, First Printing, 2019; Softcover)

Collects The Magic Order #1-6 (cover dates June, 2018- February, 2019)

Magic seems to have been reduced from childhood fantasy to the dustbins of history. Children, with their home computers and surround sound television, no longer have a need for magic. Magicians used to be a popular thing at kids' birthday parties. Technology has killed magic.

This was good enough for me to buy a Volume 2 if or when it happens. I still like magicians and all that jazz.

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