Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review- Mountains and Rainbows/ John Krautner/ Feelings- March 7, 2014 @ Elizabeth Theatre upstairs at the Park Bar in Detroit, MI.

Mountains and Rainbows/ John Krautner/ Feelings- March 7, 2014 @ Elizabeth Theatre upstairs at the Park Bar in Detroit, MI.

Once in a while I will emerge from my cave and venture out into the outside world. Live Rock and Roll is one of the few things that can make me leave my house during the winter months. I hadn't been to The Park Bar in a few years. They have really put a ton of work into the show space upstairs. New bar (Hell, a bar- I remember having to get drinks downstairs before), a tiered floor, improved sound system, and other cosmetic upgrades. I really liked the tiered floor. The back tier was dead even with the stage, although I didn't hang that far back. 
Persian rugs line the ceiling of the Elizabeth Theater.
Mountains And Rainbows played their self-proclaimed brand of “Dad Rock- the kind your Dad would play in his Camaro”. I like Mountain. I like Rainbow. I used to own a '78 Pontiac Firebird way back when. I am a Dad. So I guess that I am the target audience of this exciting new genre called Dad Rock. I heard one song that I really liked and a few that were entertaining enough. I enjoyed the singer's between song banter. He told folks that they had two more songs to go and then proceeded to groan along with the crowd, saying I know. Telling people how he knows how everyone wants be in bed by 1:30 on a Saturday night. That most folks would rather be at home taking a bath or reading a good book. How everyone should leave early because parking was a bitch there. I dunno, I really enjoyed it, since I am a Dad and all. The singer told the crowd at the end of the set to tell their Dads about them.
I came to see John Krautner. For those of you who don't know, he has his debut solo album out in late summer called Fun With Gum Vol. 1. I've heard it, and it's a swell jam that should please anyone who likes Rock and Roll. While I miss The Go his solo band is a great consolation prize- it is the 2013 line-up of The Go minus Bobby Harlow. 
I Need Sugar kicked it off right. This song has it's hooks in my brain and compels me to eat sugar. Hershey's should buy it and use it in a jingle. Or maybe the sugar industry could push back at all of the haters giving sugar a bad name nowadays and use it in a public service announcement campaign, like the milk industry did with their Got Milk? slogan. I Get A Kick and Lion's Eyes sounded good, ditto Gimme Gimme Good Lovin, a Crazy Elephant cover. 
Northwood is about Krautner's boyhood stripmall at Woodward and 13 Mile. I had my own “Northwood”, but sadly it is now a derelict wasteland with only one anchor store and a dollar store occupying the site, with 24 or so vacancies. It breaks my heart to go through my old neighborhood, as it seems to be all gangs and junkies nowadays. I still have my memories, though. I Know What's Right is another one that haunts me. Great stuff there. Where Is Terry?...I hope John doesn't rupture his spleen singing that one. I'm Good At A Bad Thing and Music Is The Thing capped it off. The bulk of the audience was unfamiliar with all of it but it seemed to go over well. I loved it and so did my wife.
Setlist image courtesy of Carl Hoff.
Feelings was the headliner but we didn't hang around for them. I was kind of curious what the hubbub was about, but my wife wanted to split. We both worked that day, it was like 12:40 AM by this time, and I am old and like being home by the time that the street lights come on. Plus the babysitter charges by the hour, so we were in for like six hours by the time we got home.


  1. Hi ! Do you know exactly when the Krautner's LP is going to be released ? I just can't wait anymore, I mean what's Burger doin' the record is done for over a year now !
    Also, do you know what happened to Marc Fellis ?
    Thanks, Léo

    1. Last I heard was July. I can't wait either! Marc is alive and well.