Monday, September 30, 2013

A quick one...

So I had something of a Rock and Roll weekend. On Saturday I went to catch my old neighbors in Duende! as they and Amy Gore And Her Valentines opened for The Woggles (in a rare Detroit appearance) at Small's in Hamtramck*, MI on September 28, 2013. It was great hanging out with old friends, and I enjoyed all three bands. The Woggles were full of crazy energy and were a lot of fun to watch. We left halfway through The Woggles because everyone was tired. Sad to say but I am getting old and these late night club shows get to me. Everyone really seemed to dig it, though.
*Hamtramck is a city inside of a city, being completely surrounded by the city of Detroit.

We also went to the Burgerama Caravan Of Stars 2013 at The Magic Stick in Detroit, MI on September 29, 2013. There were a buttload of bands on the bill, but we went to see John Krautner's debut solo gig. The Go and Conspiracy of Owls are on ice, so the 2013 version of The Go minus Bobby Harlow is John's solo band. I heard his forthcoming solo debut at the listening party over the summer but the songs are even better live. The people of Earth are in for a treat when this album comes out after the holidays. 

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