Monday, July 1, 2013

Review- Dio/ Finding The Sacred Heart- Live in Philly 1986

Dio/ Finding The Sacred Heart- Live in Philly 1986 (Eagle, 2013)
This review is about the 2 CD set. I did not buy the 2 LP set of the Blu-Ray versions. I am loving all of these posthumous Ronnie James Dio releases. Unlike the 1986 home video release of Sacred Heart: The Video, this is the complete set, and the first time that this material has been released on CD and LP.
This was recorded on the second leg of the Sacred Heart Tour, with Craig Goldy replacing Vivian Campbell on guitar. The Intermission EP was released around this time, which featured Goldy's debut on the lone studio track, Time To Burn, performed live on this album. The band sounds muscular and heavy and Dio's live vocals were in great shape during this era. I wondered at the time why Dio released a live EP with a new studio song instead of single or even double live album since Iron Maiden had tremendous success with Live After Death in the fall of 1985.
My only gripe would be the way that the band did medleys of some of their biggest hits. This is strange, especially when you consider that Holy Diver and The Last In Line were such huge albums for Dio at this time. I understand that a band only has so much time to do their thing, but Dio were a bonafide arena headliner throughout this decade. They wasted so much time with a drum solo, a guitar solo, and a keyboard solo...and that was only on Disc One! Sadly, this remained a Dio tradition through the years.
I did not see Dio on this tour. I didn't see him live until 1990. My older brother caught him on this tour in Detroit in November of 1985 and bought me a t-shirt which I wore until it looked like moths ate it. I was (and still am) a huge Dio fan and still get sad when I think about how I'll never see him live in concert ever again.
Next up in the Dio catalog parade: Magica- The Deluxe Edition.
Junk Food For Thought rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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